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Chase Short Sales – Short Sale Information

Chase is one of the lenders that is unpredictable.  Many times the files will move very smoothly while other times it is a nightmare.  Luckily at the Jarvis Team, we just keep calling and go up the corporate ladder until we get the right person.

You can typically expect 60 to 90 days from the time the offer comes in until the time an approval letter is issued.  You can expect that Chase will most likely try to collect fees from you outside of the short sale process.

Chase Mortgage Short Sale Contact Information

(800) 848-9136 (customer service)
General Info:  614-422-0376
Loss Mitigation Dept:  800-446-8939
Foreclosure Dept:  800-981-3792

Short Sale Dept:  877-419-6490

Chase Manhattan Mortgage
(800) 446-8939 (Ohio Servicing Center)
(800) 526-0072 (Florida Servicing Center)
(800) 527-3040 x533 (Florida Servicing Center)

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Here’s a video I think you will enjoy of exactly the practices we use on Chase.