Short Sale VS Foreclosure

Short Sale VS Foreclosure

Don’t be a turkey, this one is really an easy fight. ¬†Short Sale VS Foreclosure shouldn’t even be a questions.

We decided to try to compare the options side by side for you.

Short Sale

Taking Action

  • Debt Forgiveness (at least in every one of our deals)
  • Negotiated Terms
  • Home Sold At Market Value
  • Selling the Home The Only Way Possible
  • Live In Home For Extended Period If Needed
  • Listed On Credit for 2 Years
  • Potential 1099 – offset by losses
  • Credit Can Be Repaired In 6 months


Doing Nothing

  • Debt Forgiveness (at least in every one of our deals)
  • Dicated Terms
  • Home Sold At Bottom of Market, Hurts Home Owners
  • Home Is Taken From You
  • Potential For Eviction
  • Listed On Credit for 5 Years
  • You can still get a 1099
  • Total Credit Devastation
  • Leaves Behind A Vacant Home




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